Episode 8 – Mike Perlowin

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I came to the conclusion that I was put on Earth for the specific purpose of playing the pedal steel guitar. Everything I had done previously had prepared me for this.” – Mike Perlowin

This month we interview renowned pedal steel guitarist, author, and teacher Mike Perlowin. Topics discussed include Mike’s forays into classical music, reading notation, music theory, gear, recording techniques and thinking outside the box!

Mike Perlowin

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3 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Mike Perlowin

  1. Stu Schulman says:

    I’m half way through Mike’s podcast,I didn’t realize that you were raised in New Yawk!Some beautiful playing in the beginning of the show…I’ll check back after the second half!


  2. Again, another gem of a PodCast. I’ve communicated with Mike and he is a pure gentleman. His music is unique, and he is a master of playing the PSG in a unique and interesting way. Listening to him explain his method has been a real pleasure. Many thanks for this interview. RC


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